Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Will this Day EVER end?

It has seriously been a rough day. My youngest is really sick and I feel like we have been running all day. We were supposed to have a nice relaxing night at The Amazing Pizza Machine but DD just doesn't feel good at all. Everytime she sits down she falls asleep. Now the older one just doesn't understand why we can go here and there but hopefully bedtime will come soon so she can stop whinning! I'm hoping to get a little scrappin in this evening. I've been sort of organizing my crop space this afternoon... I am way behind on my School of Scrap assignments so I hope to put a dent in those as well!

I feel like I haven't created anything for a very long time!

Monday, April 2, 2007

April Is HERE

Oh my another month is starting!!!

The kids are on Spring Break this week! So I took Thursday off to hang out and have some fun but I have some goals for the day for myself!

It's supposed to be cold out so we will have lots of indoor activities!

Here is my list:
Make Easter Egg Cake
Decorate Easter Egg Cake
Make a Special Dinner for My Husband (with the kids help)
Make a Special Desert for MY Husband (with the kids help)
Scrapbooking (while the kids are taking a nap)

If I get all that done I might think about doing a little cleaning!

Monday, March 26, 2007

OMG... it is almost the end of the month

I need to get moving on my School of Scrap assignments... I have seriously been slacking off this month... no particular reason just that we have been really busy!

I am seriously going to have to find some ME time!

Of course I am going to have to clean off my scrap table before I can get to it!!!! Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yes, today is my birthday! I am now 36 years young... YAHOO!

Last night I had a workshop but the bummer was I wasn't feeling all that great, my ears seem to be bothering me but I think it is because it has been so windy. But my buddies were so cool they made me cookies and brownies and even had little candles in the dish! So cute. I was hoping Miss Janelle would have her baby today. That would be cool but ah well!

Today was totally cool! I got a new Minivan today well new to me, DH said no way could I get a brand spankin new vehicle. I found this 2002 Town & Country Minivan and we went and bought it today. Happy Birthday to ME!

Then it was off to do some shopping and spend my birthday money! I had a great day... well the kids were naughty but honestly it didn't bother me!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Here are a few of my favorite layouts. TFL!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Wow work the last two days has been crazy. I am so glad that we are all going scrapbooking on Friday. Oh I can't wait... maybe I'll get some class assignments done. Tonight is grown-up night in our house, this means the kids go to bed and the adults get to do what they want. This consists of my husband playing a game on line with all of his friends and I get to settle down at my scrapping table and work on my stuff! YAHOO...

Does anyone else have emotional children? I tell you my five year old can cry for no reason and make one up as she goes along... WOW... Today's little tirade is because one of her friends had gymnastics this evening and she now thinks she has to be in gymnastics... When we asked her three months ago if she wanted to try gymnastics she flat out said no... but NOW she wants in... when I explained to her that you have to register and pay fees and it is too late because they are too far in to the classes she just pitched a fit... crying, screaming the whole nine yards... It was a fun ride home from daycare. Then when we got home she wouldn't unbuckle herself and get out of the car. I decided that we would have sandwiches for dinner because she can prepare that... so out in the kitchen we go and she just starts complaining and whinning... ARGH... So now dh is giving them baths on off to bed they are going to go!

SO... yeah I get to scrapbook! At least I have something to look forward to a girl has to have that!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Monday, March 5, 2007

What a day... work was crazy! With all the snow and not going to work on Friday we were very busy today... A lot of meetings and not much work getting done. Plus, I had to go to my dad's tonight and discuss his funeral arrangements. He's not sick or anything he just all the sudden decided that he wanted to get it arranged... Ah well... rough day and I'm going to bed!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sunday, March 4, 2007 - Mid-afternoon post

ARGH today is cleaning day... YUCK! DH stubbed his toe yesterday and we think it might be broken... so he is helping but really taking it easier today than he normally would. It looks pretty gross... it is all black and blue and yucky looking. He can't even put pressure on his foot. So I don't have hopes of finishing up early and escaping to my scrapbook room... not today anyway... Ah well I better jump on over to The School of Scrap and check out whats going on there before I get back to chores!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Hey things are looking up around here! I've been busy, I added a picture of myself and a links section and I finally figured out that silly little add elements button... well at least I think I did!

I really should be in bed... because tomorrow the kids will be up bright and early I'm sure but I got to playing this evening and couldn't help myself.

Here are a few things I have been working on the past couple of days:
Journaling Reads: When you spend the day at the Pumpkin Patch you have to spend some time on the John Deere Tractor! Paige absolutely thought that it was a thrill to ride in the bucket of the tractor. Daddy was a trooper and tooker her on it time after time. While waiting for our turn I caught her palying with the pumpkin that was on the bench that we were sitting on. At times it is difficult to get her to smile but when she does oh it is simply irresistible!

This page was inspired by an advertisement in the School of Scraps Marketing Class... I love that class!

PAGE DIRECTIONS:For the title I started by stamping John Deere in white cardstock. For John I used CTMH Sunflower Stamp Pad and then used a stipple brushed with CTMH Barn Red and dabbed on the stamp before I stamped it. For Deere I used CTMH New England Ivy and a stipple brush with CTMH Barn red. The Alpha stamp set I used was CTMH Botique. The Playing Around on the was stamped with CTMH Garden Green and Alpha stamp set CTMH Sketchy Caps. Next I ripped the Card Stock at about 4 inches and inked it with CTMH Garden Green. For the patterened paper I used American Crafts SixthAvenue line the papers are coney island, East Village & Gramercy Park. Each strip is 2" in size. Since it is double sided I used the solid color side of the East Village paper. I laid them down at varying angles. Each pictuer is matted on plan white cardstock, ripped at the bottom and inked all over with CTMH's Garden Green stamp pad. Next I used Aunt Lydia's yarn and wrapped the bottom of the pictures three times. The color I used was Linen. I used a scrap of the East Village for the notes attached to each picture. The font is Courier New. The captions read 1.) Get Ready, 2.) Check out the scenery, 3. Get Silly, 4. Be Cute. On the second page I used baby blue Mode yarn by Coats & Clark, CTMH Designer Chocolate Ribbon, more Aunt Lydia's yarn, and a baby blue element ribbon. Once I had those staggered I put down the flower and adhered it with a large brad. I repeated the 2" strips of PP. The picture is matted on white cardstock, torn at the bottom and inked with CTMH Garden Green. The Journal block is on the East Village paper with a white cardstock matte, torn on all sides and inked again with CTMH Garden Green.

Yes I know it seems like a lot but it really only took me about 30 minutes to pull it all together. And yes I know that I left out the N in around... thanks Kathy... someday I'll have to fix that.

And I made a few of cards for Correspondence Class:

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Saturday, March 3rd

Ok so today the kids are at a birthday party that they didn't want to leave... so I took a little escape and came home to relax... So while I was reading through posts at The School of Scrap I found this blog place and thought... hmm why not... so world, welcome to my blog spot!