Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Hey things are looking up around here! I've been busy, I added a picture of myself and a links section and I finally figured out that silly little add elements button... well at least I think I did!

I really should be in bed... because tomorrow the kids will be up bright and early I'm sure but I got to playing this evening and couldn't help myself.

Here are a few things I have been working on the past couple of days:
Journaling Reads: When you spend the day at the Pumpkin Patch you have to spend some time on the John Deere Tractor! Paige absolutely thought that it was a thrill to ride in the bucket of the tractor. Daddy was a trooper and tooker her on it time after time. While waiting for our turn I caught her palying with the pumpkin that was on the bench that we were sitting on. At times it is difficult to get her to smile but when she does oh it is simply irresistible!

This page was inspired by an advertisement in the School of Scraps Marketing Class... I love that class!

PAGE DIRECTIONS:For the title I started by stamping John Deere in white cardstock. For John I used CTMH Sunflower Stamp Pad and then used a stipple brushed with CTMH Barn Red and dabbed on the stamp before I stamped it. For Deere I used CTMH New England Ivy and a stipple brush with CTMH Barn red. The Alpha stamp set I used was CTMH Botique. The Playing Around on the was stamped with CTMH Garden Green and Alpha stamp set CTMH Sketchy Caps. Next I ripped the Card Stock at about 4 inches and inked it with CTMH Garden Green. For the patterened paper I used American Crafts SixthAvenue line the papers are coney island, East Village & Gramercy Park. Each strip is 2" in size. Since it is double sided I used the solid color side of the East Village paper. I laid them down at varying angles. Each pictuer is matted on plan white cardstock, ripped at the bottom and inked all over with CTMH's Garden Green stamp pad. Next I used Aunt Lydia's yarn and wrapped the bottom of the pictures three times. The color I used was Linen. I used a scrap of the East Village for the notes attached to each picture. The font is Courier New. The captions read 1.) Get Ready, 2.) Check out the scenery, 3. Get Silly, 4. Be Cute. On the second page I used baby blue Mode yarn by Coats & Clark, CTMH Designer Chocolate Ribbon, more Aunt Lydia's yarn, and a baby blue element ribbon. Once I had those staggered I put down the flower and adhered it with a large brad. I repeated the 2" strips of PP. The picture is matted on white cardstock, torn at the bottom and inked with CTMH Garden Green. The Journal block is on the East Village paper with a white cardstock matte, torn on all sides and inked again with CTMH Garden Green.

Yes I know it seems like a lot but it really only took me about 30 minutes to pull it all together. And yes I know that I left out the N in around... thanks Kathy... someday I'll have to fix that.

And I made a few of cards for Correspondence Class: