Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yes, today is my birthday! I am now 36 years young... YAHOO!

Last night I had a workshop but the bummer was I wasn't feeling all that great, my ears seem to be bothering me but I think it is because it has been so windy. But my buddies were so cool they made me cookies and brownies and even had little candles in the dish! So cute. I was hoping Miss Janelle would have her baby today. That would be cool but ah well!

Today was totally cool! I got a new Minivan today well new to me, DH said no way could I get a brand spankin new vehicle. I found this 2002 Town & Country Minivan and we went and bought it today. Happy Birthday to ME!

Then it was off to do some shopping and spend my birthday money! I had a great day... well the kids were naughty but honestly it didn't bother me!

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Lisa said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!