Thursday, May 28, 2009

10 Questions to Ask Your Mom NOW

So I was reading the May issue of REAL SIMPLE Magazine and I came across this wonderful article called 10 Questions to Ask Your Mom Now I started reading it and I realized that I wanted to know my mom's answers to the questions. I would certainly like to ask her in person, however, she lives in Colorado and I really don't think I could wait until I see her again to know the answers. So I emailed her the questions, of course I'm not going to share her answers with anyone because they are really wonderfully soul searching kind of questions. To me her answers will be part of her soul that she has chosen to share with me.

I'm sharing the questions/article with all of you because I wish each of you to have the same insight to your mother and maybe a better understanding of where they are coming from.

Also in this issue is an article titled What's the greatest gift your mother ever gave you? Why not share with your mom what the greatest gift she ever gave you is...

Yes, I'm feeling little tender hearted today. Enjoy.

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